Performing in front of an audience

Avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’

How to perform, deal with the anxiety and persuade.
Through a series of improvisations, facilitated discussions and delegate presentations, this two-day workshop helps you to make an impact.
We show you ways to impart information so the audience remembers.
It is no longer acceptable to simply present the facts. You need to deliver your messages in a way that demonstrates belief, conviction and passion.
This workshop gives you the skills and techniques to remove the fear, perform with confidence and create an impact with your audience.
The workshop is for a maximum of 8 delegates.
Price on application.

You and your brand

Stand out from your colleagues

Make your bosses feel that if they don’t promote you the business will lose out.

This is all about you and how you perform in your job: how you see your role and the work that you do. You need to perform in such a way that you make a difference, inspire colleagues and help transform your company.

This two-day workshop is about how to build your reputation and your personal brand.

Through a series of discussions, exercises, improvisations and simulated business meetings, you explore:

Brand You (your story)
Presence, posture and movement
What gets in the way/how to think differently

And you’ll practise delivering your story – why you – in a variety of situations.

This workshop is all about you – your personal values, your purpose. It complements the ‘Performing in front of an audience’ workshop which concentrates on the performance of an individual or a team presenting their business.

This workshop is for a maximum of 10 delegates.

Price on application.